Sermons I Have Known in 2009

Continuing the tradition, and providing links (as many as I can) to a host of good material, here’s the list of sermons I listened to during my commute in 2009.

Again, sermons in bold were most helpful to me and x2, x3, etc. indicates the number of times I listened to a sermon or series. Every sermon here I would recommend (even if I don’t agree with the Amillenial ones) as helpful. The sermons I thought were complete bunk didn’t make the list.

Thabiti Anyabwile

Jerram Barrs

Jim Berg

Pat Berg

  • Musings Toward a Thoroughly Biblical Philosophy of Dress (Sorry, no link. Under copyright.)

D.A. Carson

Matt Chandler

Andy Davis

Mark Dever

Kevin DeYoung

Mark Driscoll

Sinclair Ferguson

Wayne Grudem

Brian Habig

Joshua Harris

Craig Hartman

Dave Harvey

Phillip Johnson

Bob Kaulfin

Tim Keller

Grant Layman & C.J. Mahaney

Jeff Louie

Marty Machowski & Mike Bradshaw

C.J. Mahaney

Carolyn McCulley

Al Mohler

Iain Murray

Michael Oh

J.I. Packer

John Piper

Noel Piper

Jeff Purswell

Philip Ryken

Sam Storms

Derek W.H. Thomas

Paul Tripp

Don Whitney

Paul Zimmer

3 Thoughts.

  1. steve240,

    thanks for the links. How very interesting. I find if it’s a human system or if humans are involved, you can bet there will be problems. I don’t know a system of theology or denomination that doesn’t have dangers that can lead to a person getting hurt, and towards un-biblical thinking.

    I feel for those who have been mistreated within SGM (much as I do for those mistreated/hurt within Fundamentalism, Calvinism, etc..) All I’m saying, is I can’t write off ALL SGM, Fundamentalist, Calvinistic, etc. teachers as bad or not worth listening too. I hope you see I’m not trying to come across defending one school of thought over the other, but rather bring to the forefront, the idea that when you move from or “out of” one branch of Christianity to another branch, you’re bound to find pitfalls in the new one you enter into.

    Where do we find true peace and rest… it’s not in the church or it’s leaders, but in Christ.

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